Real Estate in South East Kelowna


Situated on the eastern side of Kelowna, Rutland stands out as one of the fastest-growing and most budget-friendly areas in the city. The Rutland real estate market is currently in high demand, primarily due to its strategic location and affordable pricing.

Accessed via Highway 33, a major thoroughfare connecting one of Kelowna’s bustling shopping districts directly to Highway 97, Rutland is flanked by the neighborhoods of Springfield and Belgo to the south. On the north side of Highway 33, you’ll find family-friendly, central, and downtown Rutland neighborhoods along with the Upper Rutland Bench, stretching toward Sexsmith Road just before the University District.

Continuing along Highway 33 leads to Black Mountain, one of Rutland’s newest suburban neighborhoods, named after the scenic golf community Black Mountain. This area is particularly favored by snow enthusiasts due to its close proximity to the world-class Big White Ski Resort.

Beyond Sexsmith Road, the rural communities of Ellison, Scotty Creek, and Postill Lake extend to the northeast of Highway 97. The Kelowna International Airport, YLW, is also situated on this side of Highway 97.

Directly opposite YLW’s main drive lies Quail Ridge, one of Kelowna’s highly sought-after golf communities, positioned on the northwest side of Highway 97. Just a short distance away, across a few blocks, you’ll encounter one of Kelowna’s most vibrant and new communities known as the University District.